2016 Tracks & Dates

December 4th, 2016     11 pm to 5pm – Charlotte Motor Speedway – Racing School          [March 12th, 2016] Charlotte Motor Speedway – Racing School     [April 15th, 2016] Bristol Motor Speedway – Race Day Rides     [May 7th, 2016] Bristol Motor Speedway – Racing School     [June 4th, 2016] Richmond International Raceway – Racing School     [June 11th, 2016] Charlotte Motor Speedway – Racing School     [June 18th, 2016] Bristol Motor Speedway – Racing School     [August 5th, 2016] Charlotte Motor Speedway – Racing School     [August 13th, 2016] Concord Speedway – Racing School     [August 18th, 2016] Bristol Motor Speedway – Race Day Rides     [September 3rd & 4th, 2016] Dover International Speedway – Racing School     [November 26th, 2016] Atlanta Motor Speedway – Racing School

The Racing School that was Built for You…

Race Tracks

Join us on one of these official race tracks for some excitement and fun...



Buckle into one of our stock cars and experience the ride of your life…


A Day at the Track

See what it’s all about, and then come spend a day at the track with us…


Welcome to Seat Time American Racing School…

Share Our Need for Speed! The Racing School that was Built for You!


Our level of personal attention means you get the race car driving experience you came for, which will include expert driving instruction as you take your driving skills to the next level.

We cater to the average race fan as well as the avid racer.

Seat Time American Racing School promises you an exciting and fun filled day at the race track. It has been proven to be a day that you will never forget.

Are you ready for a heart pounding riding or driving experience of a lifetime?

Warning, this is addicting

Seat Time American Racing School, is the place that can fulfill your need for speed.

If you cannot find the experience that you are looking for, give us a call and we will do our best to customize a package for you.

“Before you choose where to learn to drive a race car on an official race track, either in Charlotte or Atlanta, or any other track, do your homework.  There are plenty of other driving schools offering “race car driving experiences”, but only Seat Time American Racing School offers you a real RACING SCHOOL atmosphere and will teach you everything that you will need to advance to the next level at “Unbeatable Prices”. Take a look around and see what you are getting for your money, then give Seat Time American Racing School a call.  We’ll get your motor running!”

See you at the Race Track!

REAL Race Carswhy-drive-a-race-car-with-seat-time-racing-driving-school
Premiere OFFICIAL Speedwayswhy-drive-a-race-car-with-seat-time-racing-driving-school
Drive 10 to 45+ Mileswhy-drive-a-race-car-with-seat-time-racing-driving-school
Laps vs Miles NOT Minuteswhy-drive-a-race-car-with-seat-time-racing-driving-school
Passing is Allowedwhy-drive-a-race-car-with-seat-time-racing-driving-school
Drive Solo Lapswhy-drive-a-race-car-with-seat-time-racing-driving-school
No Pace Carwhy-drive-a-race-car-with-seat-time-racing-driving-school
Professional Instructionwhy-drive-a-race-car-with-seat-time-racing-driving-school
Advanced Driving Techniqueswhy-drive-a-race-car-with-seat-time-racing-driving-school
In-Car Cameras why-drive-a-race-car-with-seat-time-racing-driving-school
All Safety Devices Providedwhy-drive-a-race-car-with-seat-time-racing-driving-school
Family Friendly why-drive-a-race-car-with-seat-time-racing-driving-school
Best Prices Aroundwhy-drive-a-race-car-with-seat-time-racing-driving-school
Custom Packageswhy-drive-a-race-car-with-seat-time-racing-driving-school
Drive w/Instructor pkgs availablewhy-drive-a-race-car-with-seat-time-racing-driving-school

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Look at what Customers had to say about Seat Time American Racing School:

Dawn O. – June 4, 2016:

“We spent as awesome day with Seat Time Saturday, June 4.  From the first contact with Allie to the last contact with the owner, we truly enjoyed our day.  Definitely worth purchasing extra laps if possible and the Hot Laps are a must.  It’s loud and hot but oh so much fun!”.”


Chris C. – March 15, 2016:

“I wish I could give them 10 stars. By far the best price and best experience I’ve ever had. The instructors taught me so much in my advanced level course that I never knew before and overall would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a ride along or to simply hone their skills to the next level. Dave, Allie, Allan, and Bill are so fun to be around . Overall the greatest experience I’ve ever had! Definitely doing it again.”


Erin H. – August 8:

“Such an amazing and friendly group of drivers/instructors!!! We happened upon the Richmond raceway while on vacation from Texas and the wonderful staff made every consession nesscesary to adapt and allow my sister with special needs to ride along!!! The best birthday present for my NASCAR crazy sister!!! It was wonderful, thank you soo much!”


Bob A. – May 23:

“Yet another exhilarating day at the race track with your company! You guys run a great outfit, with a relaxed yet professional approach that puts people at ease. I was there for speed, and I thank you for allowing me to indulge myself on the fast Atlanta track. Also had a wonderful conversation with your personable owner Mr. Cray after my drive. When it comes to NASCAR schools, you are the ONLY one I will consider in the future! Thanks for a wonderful experience!”


Debbie S. – April:

“Mark and I want to thank you for an absolutely fabulous experience at Bristol. The front end was organized very well, the rides just as much. Technology can be a bear. We stayed til the end, received our photos, and had a great time ‘in the pits’, meeting you the owners and the drivers. It was fantastic!! Thanx for a great experience!!”
Debbie and Mark


Kim D.:

“Absolutely AWESOME!!!!!! My husband had a blast!”

Frank D.:

“This was my eights or ninths visit to a driving school and out of all of them this was the finest one I had visited. I truly enjoyed my racing experience the most fun I have had driving at Richmond. Looking forward to doing this again. Seat Time American Racing School is awesome and a great value for the money. “

Christopher H.:

“Great staff. Fun and laid back. While safety was paramount, they were able to still create an atmosphere of fun while being educational. Great experience”

Douglas W.:

“Awesome experience, I would do it again. Staff very professional but relaxed, made it a very fun day.”

Teresa G.:

“The people that ran it were some of the nicest and most accommodating people I have ever encountered. Will be back!”