2020 Track Dates:
@Atlanta: May 23 10am-6pm August 8 10am-6pm September 26 10am-6pm November 21 9am-5pm
@Bristol: April 18 9am-6pm June 20 9am-6pm Oct 3 9am-6pm
@Charlotte: March 15 12pm-6pm May 2 6pm-11pm July 12 12pm-6pm August 30 12pm-6pm
@Dover: Dates coming soon!

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The MOST FUN, the MOST LAPS, the MOST SPEED, the MOST AUTHENTIC EXPERIENCE and the LEAST EXPENSIVE race car driving school then YOU’VE COME TO THE RIGHT PLACE! We are the ORIGINAL and the best.

Come see for yourself why we were the race driving school of choice for future NASCAR champions Tony Stewart and Jeff Gordon

Buck Baker’s Seat Time Racing School – ORIGINAL

Welcome to the Buck Baker’s Seat Time Racing School webpage. If you are looking for The MOST FUN, the MOST LAPS, the MOST SPEED, the MOST AUTHENTIC EXPERIENCE , AND the LEAST EXPENSIVE race car driving school then YOU’VE COME TO THE RIGHT PLACE! We are the ORIGINAL and the best.  No hidden fees.

Come see for yourself why we were the race driving school of choice for future NASCAR champions Tony Stewart and Jeff Gordon

No Hidden Fees!

Click here to see what customers have to say about Seat Time American Racing School:

Glen S. – June 23, 2018

“Such an awesome experience.  I’ve done Richard Petty/NASCAR Racing Experience and hands down Buck Baker’s Seat Time Racing School is the better of the two”

Joe R. – May 5, 2018

“Walt and every single person at the track was incredibly accommodating and easy to work with.  I could not imagine having a better experience.”

Chris T. – May 4, 2018

“Spectacular!  Experience of a lifetime!  Learned a lot about driving and had a blast!

James T. – March 26, 2018

“These folks are nothing but awesome and are a high class operation!

Brandon L. – March 25, 2018

“Awesome time!  Cars and trucks very fast and well maintained.  Cant wait to do this again.

Ken W. – October 30, 2017:

“I visited my sister in Charlotte this weekend and was less than thrilled when she and her husband “dragged” me to the track Friday night.

Boy was I in for a surprise!!  They bought me a Hot Lap ride along and it was the funnest and most thrilling thing I’ve ever done.

Thank you to my driver Tom Thompson! I’ll be back and I’m driving!!”

Sherry T. – October 28, 2017:

“We would like to say thank you for an outstanding experience at Charlotte Motor Speedway. Seat Time was so professional and organized and your employees made us feel at home. The drive from PA was worth the trip!”

Matthew H. – August 18, 2017:

“Great time tonight at Bristol Motor Speedway.  Well organized and executed.  Had Skyler as my driver in the #8.  He was a real pro.  Hats off to all”

Nick S. – July 25, 2017:

“Huge thank you to Dave and the Seat Time crew.  Awesome job by all the instructors.  Anyone looking to get some time in a stock car, don’t wait any longer!”

Eddie A. – July 23, 2017:

“Saturday at Dover was the best day of my life.  I have skydived and ridden bulls but driving a race car around the Monster Mile topped it all!”

Scott D. – July 5, 2017:

“Saturday at Charlotte Motor Speedway was one of the biggest thrills of my life!”

Jack S. – July 5, 2017:

“For Christmas my kids got me the American Dream with Hot laps package.  I’ll never forget the experience.  You’re not limited to staying behind a pace car, you’re allowed to pass other cars and you get to drive by yourself!  Thanks Seat Time!”

Joy A. – June 25, 2017:

“It was the ride of a lifetime! Absolutely amazing experience. Dave, Vinnie, and the entire crew aim to please.”

Leslie F. – June 19, 2017:

“I want to thank you all for my driving experience at Bristol. Your staff were professional and helpful. You have no idea how much doing this meant to me.”

Winston W. – June 12, 2017:

“My son and I wanted to thank you all for the great time we had Saturday at Richmond International Raceway. I was a little nervous before my time to drive but with my instructor Walt in the passenger seat beside me I forgot about being nervous and just had a GREAT time. My son clocked my best lap at 32 seconds at an average speed of 84mph! Not bad for a 65 year old!”

Peggy O. – June 12, 2017:

“Saturday at Richmond was the most fun I’ve had in a long, long time! I will never forget it.”

Theodore L. – June 10, 2017:

“Had an awesome day at Richmond Raceway on June 10. Professional support staff, exceptionally knowledgeable instructors, and fantastic equipment. After you complete your laps, get in the car with an instructor and they’ll show you how its done. Thanks Rich!!”

Kathy B. – May 8, 2017:

“My daughter and I just happened to be at the speedway Saturday and found out about your event.  We both went for rides (next time we’re driving!).  It was the most FUN we’ve ever had and we’ll never forget it.”

Curtis W. – May 8, 2017:

“My wife and i wanted to thank you guys for a wonderful experience at Charlotte Motor Speedway this past Saturday.  I’ve been a race fan for over 20 years and had always dreamed of driving a real NASCAR.  It was even more fun than I imagined. My wife LOVED her Hot Lap ride along.  We’ll see you guys again on July 15!! We cant wait.”

J Slate. – April 27, 2017:

“What a feeling it was to get the chance to ride shotgun in a race car and on one the most popular NASCAR tracks. Adrenaline rush! My wonderful wife bought me this experience as a late birthday present and what an awesome gift to give. Every race fan needs to experience this ride and meet the staff!  The staff did not treat it like a job.  They were having just as much fun as the customers! Awesome job guys! Be back In August!”

Ed S. – April 27, 2017:

“I did the ride along at Bristol with my son.  We had the time of our lives!…Thank you so much and look forward to hearing from you!”

Robert and Suzy J. – April 26, 2017:

“The hot lap rides at Bristol, Friday night were the highlight of our race weekend!  With the rain I didn’t think we’d get to go on the track but you went the extra mile and helped dry the track off with your race cars.  Thank you for the time of our lives!”

Darryl G. – April 5, 2017:

“I’ve attended numerous road course and NASCAR driving schools, let me say NO ONE ELSE COMPARES to you guys.  Your staff is laid back but professional.   i was given much more freedom on the track compared to your competitors and your packages gave me more laps for less money.  My wife still is smiling a week later after her Hot Lap ride.  You guys ROCK!!”

Tony M. – March 30, 2017:

“Last Saturday at Charlotte was my 2nd session with Seat Time Racing School.  Your company’s prices are very competitive, the program is well organized and the Seat Time employees provide a fun and friendly atmosphere.  I certainly am going to recommend Seat Time to anyone looking to enjoy some track time.  Seat Time Racing School is great!!  I felt safe and comfortable driving at 160+mph!”

Steve H. – March 27, 2017:

“I had a fantastic time at Charlotte Motor Speedway driving the car and having a professional race driver take me out on the track.  BEST! DAY! EVER!”

Donna D. – March 26, 2017:

“We had a fantastic time, LOVED IT!!  If you are feeling the need for speed you’ve got to try this.  The 160 mph Hot Laps will have you hooked!”