Dave Cray

Dave Cray is a championship racing car owner whose drivers have won championships at various dirt and paved race tracks and drag strips in the Northeast and South. Seeing an excellent opportunity to share his passion for racing with others, he bought Buck Baker’s Seat Time Racing School in 2013.  Dave personally invites you to come out and experience for yourself the best racing school there is and see for yourself why we were the race driving school of choice for NASCAR drivers  Austin Dillon, Jeff Gordon, Tony Stewart and many others.

Brian Glass – AKA “the Bull”

Instructor Brian Glass has been with the school since 1998.  He came to us via racing Late Models. Brian enjoys big game hunting when he’s not blasting around the track.

Mark Lowery

Mark joined the team when he became an instructor in 2004.  Mark has raced in the Chili Bowl the past two years and has extensive dirt, asphalt, open wheel, and Late Model racing experience.  When he’s not driving the wheels off a car, he’s driving the wheels off a car.

Walt Young – AKA “Buster”

Walt has been an instructor since  2002.  He raced dirt track in the Sandhills of SC and was a crewman on a M1 Abrams tank.  He relaxes by going downhill mountain biking and riding the cross country mtb trails in the NC mountains.

Alan Johnstone – AKA “Stone Cold”

Alan is a Navy veteran and has been an instructor with the school since 2003 and the main Advanced racing course instructor since 2008.  When Allan is not at the track he enjoys SCUBA diving and riding his Harley.

Rich Lanson – AKA “Gutpile”

Rich  has been an instructor with us  with since 2004.  He previously raced power boats.  He is a professional singer and guitar player as well as an accomplished deer hunter.

Tom Thompson – AKA “TTP”

Tom has been with at the school since 1998.  He is a former professional skate boarder.  In his free time Tom likes to hike the hills of his home in Western North Carolina.

Robert Porter

Robert has been a fixture at the school since 2003.  He has raced extensively on the amateur level around the country.  When not at a race track Robert enjoys traveling the country.

Skylar Lanson

Skylar has been an instructor with the school since 2007.  Skylar, like his father Rich, enjoys playing electric guitar and kayaking in the NC mountains when he’s not at the track.