Racing Experience – Day at the Track

Your Racing Experience with Seat Time American Racing School

A quick overview of what you can expect on a typical racing experience if you purchased one of our driving or ride along packages.

This general information below does NOT apply to RACE DAY RIDES.  RACE DAY RIDES are conducted in a totally different manor.  

Check- In

Please arrive to your event no later than 30 minutes prior to the scheduled event. Bring your Driver’s License and sunglasses. Each event is different and tailored to fit your needs. Each driver must attend the instructional classroom held at the beginning of each event if they would like to drive the race car with solo laps. We will assign a check-in time via phone or email from Seat Time Racing School.  If you have not received an email or phone call from Seat Time Racing School at least two(2) weeks prior to your event, please contact us at 704-998-1957 or email us at so that we can complete your pre-registration and assign you a check-in time.  Some students will be completed before others, upon completion of your laps you are invited to stay and enjoy the fun with us for the remainder of the event.  Some driving packages will require you to be at the race track for a good portion of the event day. (If you have circumstances where you cannot be with us for any length of time, please contact

Once you have completed the check-in process, you may want to head to the garage area for some pictures and to meet other Seat Time Racing School team members.  Please listen for the announcement for the starting of the driver’s meeting and proceed to the classroom.     

Please remember that It is mandatory for all student drivers to attend the classroom prior to your racing experience, if you plan on driving solo. Hot Lap Riders will attend the classroom as well if you are checking in at the beginning of the event.  If you do not wish to attend the driver’s meeting, please contact us and we will assign you a later check-in time so that your time at the track is shorter.

Driver’s Meeting

Driver’s meetings are very informative and can be pretty entertaining at times so family members and guests are welcome to attend the meeting along with you.  Our Instructors will cover safety equipment, how to get in and out of the race car, how to safely operate the race car on pit road and on the track and other important information about your day and what to expect while at the track.  We want to ensure you have a safe and memorable day at the race track for your racing experience.  Once all of your questions have been answered you will head to pit road. 

 Please do not cross over the area on pit road where the race cars are until you have been directed to do so. Please do not sit on pit road wall that separates the area the race cars are from the observation area (keep all small children with you at all times).

 Remember, SAFETY is our main concern.

Time for Your Racing Experience 

On Pit RoadYou will be given a Driver’s suit and a head sock (please take shoes off when putting driver’s suit on). When your name appears on the board please proceed to the board location and we will give you a helmet along with a neck restraint (a pit crew member with assist you with your neck restraint) and get you loaded into the race car. Your name will appear next to a car number (#), the cars are designed for different size body types (weight and height).   For safety reasons, please do NOT proceed onto pit road without being instructed to do so.  Now that you are all suited up, one of our pit crew members or an Instructor will help you into the race car and get you buckled into the five point harness.  If this is your first time driving with Seat Time Racing School, an Instructor will be with you in the passenger side for a couple of laps, once you are comfortable behind the wheel the Instructor will ask you to bring the race car to pit road where the Instructor will then exit the race car.  Please remember, if you do not feel comfortable and want the Instructor to ride the remainder of your laps with you, just let them know.  The decision is based on your ability to drive the race car safely and the final decision will rest with our Instructors.  If you have purchased a package that requires several driving sessions, you may want to take this opportunity to speak with an Instructor for some pointers on ways to improve your skills, which will increase your level of enjoyment during the remainder of your self-driven lap sessions.

Hot Lap Ride Alongs

time-for-your-racing-experienceWhen you are instructed to come to pit road, you will be given a fire suit and a head sock (please take shoes off when putting fire suit on).  One of the pit crew members will then give you a helmet and assist you with the neck restraint.  You will then be escorted to the race car by a pit crew member where they will instruct you how to enter the race car and buckle you into the five point harness.  Hold on tight – Go Fast – and we want to hear you scream from excitement!   We promise this will be an experience that you will remember for a lifetime.

You Graduated

Upon completion of your racing experience, please do not forget to pick up your Certificate of Completion.  Please take a moment to let one of our Seat Time Racing School team members know about your RACE SCHOOL experience. You may also go to our Facebook page and post your pictures taken during your racing experience.